Keep your guests happy with high speed, secure Wi-Fi from G5Zone

Keep your guests happy with high speed, secure Wi-Fi from G5Zone™

Your guests now expect instant internet access as soon as they arrive. G5Zone is a complete Wi-Fi solution that gives each of your guests wireless internet access anywhere on your premises. Our aim is to help you gain advantage over your competition by maximising Wi-Fi uptime and minimising customer complaints.

We Provide

  • A reliable, high speed Wi-Fi service that is legally compliant
  • Excellent aftercare service with 24/7 support
  • FREE installation of Wi-Fi hardware with no upfront investment required


Providing high speed, secure Wi-Fi is easier than you imagine

Wi-Fi for Student Accommodation

Students need and expect high speed, reliable Wi-Fi for their student accommodation. G5 have a strong track record of planning, installing and maintaining student Wi-Fi.

Students will put your Wi-Fi to the test like no other user. You can expect students to have a minimum of 3-4 devices each (including games consoles) which will put pressure on your Wi-Fi network and internet connection. A block of 50 students will typically download at least 1TB of data a week.

If you are planning student Wi-Fi please get in touch with any queries about requirements.

Wi-Fi for Hostels

Hostel Wi-Fi can be a great selling point and also a way to generate extra revenue. With a high turnover of guests, even charging just £1 a day will be a great income generator for you whilst also providing an excellent Wi-Fi service for your travellers.

If you want to provide free hostel Wi-Fi you can still get a return on your investment by providing social Wi-Fi. Almost all hostel guests regularly use their social media whilst travelling, social Wi-Fi can benefit both you and your guests.

Give us a call today to find out more.

Hotel Wi-Fi

In-room Wi-Fi used to be a “nice to have” and was more often than not a paid for service. Nowadays, good Wi-Fi is as important to your guests as clean towels and bedding and the majority of guests expect free and fast Wi-Fi to be included in the room rate.

With over 10 years’ experience, G5 understand your guests’ demands for high speed reliable Wi-Fi throughout your hotel.

Wi-Fi for Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are like a home from home for most residents and they will demand high speed reliable Wi-Fi in their apartment for both work and leisure. Guests are likely to have multiple devices, including games consoles, and will choose an apartment based on these requirements.

G5 have a proven track record providing Wi-Fi for serviced apartments and internet enabled in-room entertainments systems, such as smart TVs, can also be connected to the G5Zone Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi for Caravan Parks

Getting out of the city doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from the outside world. Our generation of children is always on the lookout for Wi-Fi hotspots and being outdoors is no exception.
Our outdoor rugged access points can cover your large outdoor open spaces, ensuring high speed Wi-Fi for your caravan park, enhancing your guests’ experience and can also provide you with an additional revenue stream. Contact us for further information.

Airport and Harbour Wi-Fi

Travellers nowadays expect to find high speed Wi-Fi wherever they are, especially at airports and harbours.
We have the perfect secure Wi-Fi solutions for high density outdoor and indoor use that will suit your customers’ growing demands for reliable Wi-Fi on the move. Advertising through your Wi-Fi is always an option with our solutions, which can provide additional return on investment if required.

Contact us to see how we can upgrade your customers’ travel experience.

Wi-Fi for Schools and Universities

Students require high performance, high speed broadband for their studies and you will need to plan for potentially thousands of devices connected simultaneously to your network. Like with all public networks, security is always of utmost importance. To be able to manage this volume of users you will need a Wi-Fi system with enhanced functionality such as G5Zone.
A carefully planned Wi-Fi network is essential for schools and universities to meet the demands of the students and enhance their learning experience. Give us a call for more information.

Wi-Fi for Retirement Homes

Today’s aging population is a lot more IT savvy, with most residents using iPads and smart phones to keep in touch with their friends and family.
They need an easy, reliable Wi-Fi solution so that they can stay connected with their loved ones. G5 are happy to design a Wi-Fi service for your residents. Please contact us for further information.

Wi-Fi for Sports Stadiums

The most demanding of Wi-Fi hotspot locations, the media and photographers will also use your public Wi-Fi network to send photos at half-time, so you will need high density access points and a superfast broadband service too.
Careful planning is a must, and G5zone will help you deliver a Wi-Fi network that it fit for purpose. Advertising is always an option to provide a return on your investment. Talk to us about suitable Wi-Fi options for your stadium today.

How Does it Work?

  • WiFi IconGuests need to connect their laptop or wireless device to the network by searching for the G5Zone™ network
  • Window IconWhen the internet browser window is open, the G5Zone™ landing page will appear. This can be customised to your own splash page
  • Pound IconThe internet service will be offered on this page either for free or at a rate determined by you
  • Pin IconTo proceed, guests just agree to the terms and conditions set by you.
  • Terminal IconFor guests that don’t have a device, we can provide and install kiosk terminals which accept either credit card or coin transactions.

Your guests can be up and running in less than 3 clicks with little or no technical knowledge

Want to get more value from your Wi-Fi?

G5Zone™ social Wi-Fi can help you with your social media marketing

Guest Wi-Fi - Your Responsibilities

Guest Wi-Fi - Your Responsibilities

Whether you are running a cafe or a 5 star hotel, there are some considerations to make before you allow the public access to your internet connection

For a start, you will need:

  • A reliable broadband connection with sufficient bandwidth for all your guests
  • Suitable hardware and software to discourage illegal activity and ensure fair usage for all your guests
  • Maintenance and support for your Wi-Fi

Not only can poor Wi-Fi provision be the cause of many customer complaints but there are also various laws and regulations that apply to the operation of public Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi - Why G5?


G5 are partnered with Meraki to provide you with the best quality equipment which will ensure:

  • Maximum uptime and minimum customer complaints
  • Content management to prevent illegal downloading
  • Fair usage to stop individual users consuming all the bandwidth

We have been providing high speed, public Wi-Fi for over 10 years now and fully understand both your customer demands and the issues that arise. Our fully managed service is perfect for venues that see the value excellent Wi-Fi adds to their customers’ experience.

  • Wi-Fi that adds value to your guests' stay and gives you return on investment (ROI)
  • We offer Free installation of required hardware and software
  • No initial or upfront investment is required 
  • We have a tried and tested portfolio of clients who currently use this service
  • 24/7 support available to guests

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