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Holiday Inn express

The Holiday Inn Express Aberdeen City Centre have been a G5 client since 2005 and G5 were responsible for the original Wi-Fi installation at the hotel. Our Wi-Fi network “G5Zone” was installed when internet access throughout a hotel was “nice to have” and in those days the end user paid for their internet access. G5 installed and maintained this network on behalf of the hotel for 7 years with each year seeing a steady increase in the number of devices being connected to the network. G5 kept abreast of this development by increasing the bandwidth available to keep up with demand.

With the advent of smart phones, guests at the 130 bedroom hotel were regularly connecting 2 or 3 devices to the network each. A new Wi-Fi system was required so we designed and installed the latest Wi-Fi hardware technology utilising the old 2.4GHz range as well as the new 5GHz range that had started to be introduced on devices. The Wi-Fi upgrade was carried out and completed on the same day whilst at the same time going from a pay as you go Wi-Fi service to a free Wi-Fi service for all.

The hotel regularly sees 400 + devices connected to its guest network each night and the hotel also saw an increase in customer satisfaction of over 23% just by introducing a free Wi-Fi service with a superfast fibre optic Internet connection.

“ Steve and his team at G5 have been providing IT services and public Wi-Fi to the hotel since 2005. The scope of services has included everything from the simple supply of new laptops to the full replacement of our Property Management System and server including re-installation of all software.
The guest Wi-Fi system has worked seamlessly since 2005 and in 2013 a full upgrade of this system took place to coincide with our decision to start offering the service free of charge to our customers. G5 replaced all the older equipment with new high-end Meraki access points together with a super-fast fibre-optic internet connection. This has directly resulted in a 24% increase in guest satisfaction for connectivity and internet services. The Meraki system also has the added benefit of complete cloud access allowing remote support and full data reporting.
Over the past 9 years, G5 have been an invaluable IT partner for us and the service has been unquestionably professional and friendly. The fact that they operate locally and can be on-site within minutes for any urgent problems is also a huge added bonus.
I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending them to any business looking for a comprehensive and proactive approach for their IT and connectivity needs.”